What We Want When We Travel...

And What We Think Other Travelers Want


When we hire guides, we specifically tell them we don’t want the typical city tour or guide blurbs.  We want a custom experience and want to better understand how people, land, wildlife, tradition, and current dynamics all interact to constantly reshape the culture and landscape.  We want to take both history and today’s news and put them in the context of what we see – understanding the influences that change and shape the country or locale.  We believe that having the chance to understand those influences that change and shape a country is a powerful experience.

Travelers today want to know what is going on in rural areas, in urban areas, and in the points between.  They want to know about the challenges of getting clean water to a village, about increasing literacy, and about reducing gender discrimination.  They also want to know about urban sprawl and how the largest rural to urban migration in history is forever changing the face of the city.  And they want to know whose feet trod a certain road in distant times past and how that journey shaped the future.   

American custom travelers are extremely well read and want to experience some of what they have read about and then dive into the new and unfamiliar.  Naturally, there are still travelers who only have time for the basic package or who want the specialty “food” or “luxury” trip.  AJI can certainly offer these experiences, but we don’t feel you need to sacrifice anything in the process of your travels.  Remember, we start with “custom.”  We don’t just offer the basics, we offer those along with a custom twist.  We want you to dive into the experience of India and South Asia.