Our Philosophy

Many travelers, and especially more now, are not interested in traditional tours.  What they want instead is an authentic experience – an opportunity to connect in real ways with a country, its people, and its landscapes.  The travel styles of old have become somewhat passé and travelers want the opportunity to get off the beaten path and “experience” a back road, a village, a personal encounter.

The world of communications and the massive number of travel books now on the market have all catapulted the traveler beyond the traditional  “Tour Guide and Ruins” experience to the “Immersive” experience.  No tour can ever give a traveler a complete sense of a place, but culturally-sensitive tours can offer a taste of what the life experience there might be like.

Sense of Place

We know you eventually have to return home after a trip and want you to leave India (South Asia) with a Sense of Place.

When you unpack, we want memories, insights, relationships, new understandings, and tiny smiles to tumble out of your luggage along with the laundry and empty shampoo bottles.  We want you to feel as if you have truly been somewhere, not just passed through it.